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Languages Spoken
English , Arabic & Romani
Years of Experience
Over 5 years

Dr. Taimaa Shtayyan

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Specialist Radiologist

Dr. Luma Al- Suofi

MD, Specialist Radiologist


Professionally certified radiologist with more than 5 years of experience & knowledge of imaging and diagnostic procedures. Skilled in operating different types of radiology equipment, including  radiography , MG ,US & CT scanning devices. Committed to delivering top care to all patients and to providing a comfortable experience during procedures. Capable team player who thrives in a working environment with multiple skilled professionals collaborating together. History of improving patient outcomes with accurate and detailed interpretations of radiology data.


    ◘ Specialist Doctor of Radiology & Medical Imaging 2012 /University OF Victor Babes-Timisoara - Romania

    ◘ M.B.Ch.B 1998 /Baghdad University-College of Medicine.

Courses & Learning

    ◘  November 2017; intensive course of Doppler U of different body tissues including Obstetric Doppler.

    ◘ In March 2017; course of Multimodality /screening course of breast imaging by Dr.Tabar .

    ◘ January 2017; course of fetal Echocardiography .           

    ◘ October 2016; course of musculo-skeletal US (AIUM).

Nationality - Romanian


   ◘ Specialist Radiologist: October 2012 – present

  • Experienced  in operating equipment and interpreting results when using machinery like CT equipment, , ultrasound devices, and X-ray machines.Caring attitude and a highly compassionate manner when dealing with patients. Good communication skills when detailing information to patients or other staff members about medical test results.Understanding of medical terminology, human anatomy, and other topics in health-care. Ability to pinpoint the correct diagnosis when analyzing patient history, symptoms, and study results.

  • Conduct radiology procedures, such as mammography, ultrasounds, and CT studies, for patients when directed by referring physician’s orders.

  • Discuss findings of radiology exams with nurses, physicians, or patients and interpret results when needed.

  • Have special interest in female imaging including the diagnosis of the causes of infertility (by US & HSG), Breast imaging (USG & MG) for diagnosis of abnormalities as well as screening of breast CA & help to improve patient outcomes when discovering early breast cancer signs in mammography studies.

  • Skilled in obstetric US performing complete range of fetal & prenatal ultrasound imaging efficiently & effectively.

  • Reviewed each patient’s medical history before examination or radiologic study to determine potential complications.

  • Used radiology equipment to help determine the cause of pain  & collaborated with physicians, nurses, patients, and families to interpret the results of radiology studies and determine next steps.

  • Increased patient satisfaction rates at the center by focusing on conversation and comfort.


Special Interests

   •     She has good experience in the breast diseases diagnostic lines like ultrasound, mammography and CT scan.

   •     She also has special interest about emergency and trauma imaging techniques. 

   •     She has a good practice and experience in diagnostic gynecological medical problems radiologically.

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