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Dr. Luma Al-Suofi

Specialist Radiologist

Dr. Taimaa Shtayyan

MD, Specialist Radiologist


Dr Taimaa is a specialist diagnostic radiologist  who graduated from Damascus University in Syria. She is a Fellow of the Syrian Radiology Association and Syrian Medical Association. Her main areas of expertise is in diagnostic ultrasound, conventional X-ray, MRI, Mammography. 


 ◘ Master's Degree, Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology 2010 / Damascus University

        Syrian Arab Republic

 ◘ MD 2005, Damascus University

        Syrian Arab Republic


 ◘ Syrian Radiology Association

 ◘ Syrian Medical Association


 ◘  Diagnostic Imaging (under Dr. Ali El-Faqir) - University of Damascus , Syrian Arab Republic

   •​  Pediatric Radiology

   •  Obstetrics and Gynecology Imaging 

   •  Interventional Radiology

   •  Musculoskeletal Imaging

   •  Neurological  Imaging

   •  Chest Imaging

   •  Gastrointestinal Imaging

   •  Genitourinary Imaging

   •  Echography 

Nationality - Syrian


 ◘  Specialist Radiologist: November 2009 - present

   • Sharjah Corniche Hospital -  Sharjah UAE  (2015-2017)

   • Al- Swaida National Hospital - Syria (2013-2015)

   • Private Radiology Cabinet - Al-Swaida, Syria (2013-2015)

   • Al Sham Radiology Center - Damascus, Syria (2011-2012)

   • Private Radiology Cabinet - Ashrafiyet-Sahnaia, Syria (2009-2011)


 ◘ Evaluation of Paranasal Sinuses Diseases by Using Computerized Tomography 

    Master Degree in Radiodiagnostics and Medical Imaging

    Under Dr.  Said Huwaijah - June 2010

Special Interests

 ◘ Working on all imaging modalities X-ray, USG, Doppler, MRI, CT, Mammography..

 ◘  Special interest in Breast,  Gynecological, Paediatric imaging, Muscultoskeltal Imaging, Abdominopelvic  and Gastrointestinal Imaging.



DRC has the latest imaging equipment and technologies including Silent MRI, CT scan with ASiR technology which helps in about 50% dose reduction, color Doppler Ultrasound, 4-D Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Digital Fluoroscopy, Digital Mammography, Digital X-Ray unit, Dental panoramic X-Ray and Bone Densitometer. Highly qualified doctors and experienced radiologists are part of our elite team.

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