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Languages Spoken
English , Arabic & Deutsch
Years of Experience
Over 5 years
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Dr. Luma Al-Suofi

Specialist Radiologist

Dr. Taimaa Shtayyan

MD, Specialist Radiologist


Dr Taimaa is a specialist diagnostic radiologist  who graduated from Damascus University in Syria. She is a Fellow of the Syrian Radiology Association and Syrian Medical Association. Her main areas of expertise is in diagnostic ultrasound, conventional X-ray, MRI, Mammography. 


 ◘ Master's Degree, Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology 2010 / Damascus University

        Syrian Arab Republic

 ◘ MD 2005, Damascus University

        Syrian Arab Republic


 ◘ Syrian Radiology Association

 ◘ Syrian Medical Association


 ◘  Diagnostic Imaging (under Dr. Ali El-Faqir) - University of Damascus , Syrian Arab Republic

   •​  Pediatric Radiology

   •  Obstetrics and Gynecology Imaging 

   •  Interventional Radiology

   •  Musculoskeletal Imaging

   •  Neurological  Imaging

   •  Chest Imaging

   •  Gastrointestinal Imaging

   •  Genitourinary Imaging

   •  Echography 

Nationality - Syrian


 ◘  Specialist Radiologist: November 2009 - present

   • Sharjah Corniche Hospital -  Sharjah UAE  (2015-2017)

   • Al- Swaida National Hospital - Syria (2013-2015)

   • Private Radiology Cabinet - Al-Swaida, Syria (2013-2015)

   • Al Sham Radiology Center - Damascus, Syria (2011-2012)

   • Private Radiology Cabinet - Ashrafiyet-Sahnaia, Syria (2009-2011)


 ◘ Evaluation of Paranasal Sinuses Diseases by Using Computerized Tomography 

    Master Degree in Radiodiagnostics and Medical Imaging

    Under Dr.  Said Huwaijah - June 2010

Special Interests

 ◘ Working on all imaging modalities X-ray, USG, Doppler, MRI, CT, Mammography..

 ◘  Special interest in Breast,  Gynecological, Paediatric imaging, Muscultoskeltal Imaging, Abdominopelvic  and Gastrointestinal Imaging.


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