X- Ray

X-Ray & Fluoroscopy

Al Durrah Radiology Center provides digital X-ray with higher quality images at a lower dose without compromising image quality.

X-Ray & Fluoroscopy

World Class Fluoroscopy & X-Ray In Sharjah

What is Fluoroscopy?

Fluroscopy is a type of medical imaging that is used to study moving body structures. Same with an X-ray movie, this procedure is done by taking a series of photos of the body part that is being examined. For a more accurate view, the radiologist use a contrast dye while a continuous X-ray beam passed through the patient’s body. The images are sent to a video monitor where the motion can be seen in a more detailed view.



What is X-Ray?

It is a form of radiation conducted at all X-ray centres in Sharjah. We use it to produce images of the inside of the patient body in a safe and painless way. In fact, it is so safe that X-ray imaging is in widespread use throughout the world.


Our services include:

  • Bones (skull, spine, thoracic cage, pelvis, extremities)

  • Chest (heart, lungs and mediastinum)

  • Abdomen (flat and upright, KUB)


Special Procedures:

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Series (UGIS)

  • Small Intestinal Series (SIS)

  • Barium Enema (BE) - single or double contrast

  • Barium Swallow/Esophagogram/Cine-esophagogram


Other Fluoroscopy Services

  • Cholecystogram

  • T-tube cholangiography

  • Urography

  • Intravenous Pyelography (IVP)

  • Cystography

  • Voiding Cystourethrography (VCUG)

  • Pelvimetry

  • Hysterosalphingography

  • Sinugraphy/Fistulography

  • Fluoroscopy/Video Fluoroscopy

  • Mammography

  • Breast Cancer Screening and diagnostic


Ever since our inception, we have strived hard to deliver top-notch radiology services at the right X-ray charges in Sharjah. To ensure the delivery of the finest imaging processes  and to add to your ease of mind, our X-ray labs in Sharjah use of only the best, latest and highest quality machines and equipment. As a leading provider of diagnostic imaging assistance, we provide our services using cutting-edge technology to ensure that doctors and healthcare providers receive accurate images to carry out an accurate diagnosis.



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