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​Al Durrah Radiology Center is a diagnostic imaging Center conveniently located in Sharjah, UAE. We are providing a diverse range of medical imaging services that are accurate, rapid, convenient, as well as affordable using high imaging technology in UAE and Middle East. We maintain state-of-the-art technology imaging services to provide our doctors and patients with accurate, timely and informative results. Our imaging center is completely digital and connected by enterprise-wide information technology (PACS/RIS/HIS) allowing secure physician access to images and results. We provide high level of clinical care with low radiation dose to the patient and achieving higher precision.

We are a premier diagnostic center that offers a suite of comprehensive and sophisticated diagnostic imaging procedures to patients. As a leading radiology center in Sharjah, our aim is to provide affordable access to high-quality image diagnostic services to patients all across UAE.

Our radiology clinic offers a comfortable and modern environment for patients to ensure that they feel at ease while they undergo testing. Get the peace of mind you deserve. 

Looking for an advance radiology centre near you? Visit our center in Al Durrah Tower, First Floor, Corniche Al Buhaira, Sharjah, UAE and experience first-hand the services and amenities we offer. If you have questions regarding our services, contact us through our dedicated hotline: +971 6 556 9888.



To be the leading provider of innovative medical diagnostic imaging to improve human life.



We create and provide medical diagnostic imaging to improve treatment of human disease.



·    To always have our patient's well-being of primary concern.

·    To maintain the highest ethical principles in our daily practice.

·    To treat patients with utmost respect.

·    To lead by example.

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