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Languages Spoken
English & Arabic 
Years of Experience
Over 10 years

Nationality - Egyptian


    ◘ Bachelor Degree in Medicine & Surgery

       December 1999 

       Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University.

    ◘ Research-based Master Degree in

       Radiodiagnosis - November 2004

       Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University.

   ◘ Research-based MD Degree (Medical 

      Doctorate) in Radiodiagnosis – May 2010

      Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University.

   ◘ PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments 

      Board), General Medical Council, UK.

      September,  2018.

   ◘ FRCR part 1: June 2018.

dr taima.jpg

Dr. Taimaa Shtayyan

Specialist Radiologist

dr luma.jpg

Dr. Luma Al-Suofi

Specialist Radiologist

Dr. Sameh Saied Ali

MD, Consultant Radiologist


Dr. Sameh has uninterrupted experience in the medical field since March 2000 and continuous experience in  Diagnostic Radiology from January 2003 till present.He was a former clinical assistant professor in the Gulf Medical University (GMU), a leading private medical University, Ajman UAE, since July 2016 wherein he teaches courses in the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Medical Imaging Sciences.


    ◘ Clinical Assistant Professor and Consultant. Radiology Department.


             Since 2nd September 2014 until 17th October 2018.

    ◘  Head of Radiology Department (HOD)-Thumbay Hospital, Ajman-UAE, 

             1st June 2015 to 15th August 2017.

    ◘  Quality Control Officer in the Radiology Department- Thumbay Hospital, Ajman-UAE

              2015 till 15th August 2017.

    ◘ Consultant Radiologist at ALFA SCAN radiology centers. Cairo-Egypt. 

             1st/June/2010 till 31st/August/2014.

    ◘ Specialist Radiologist at ALFA SCAN radiology centers. Cairo-Egypt.

             1st/January/2005 till 31st/May/2010.

    ◘ Consultant Radiologist (locum) at King Khalid Hospital-Riyadh, KSA. 

             22nd/July 2013 to 17th/October 2013.

    ◘ Consultant Radiologist (locum) at Hayel Public Hospital-Hayel, KSA 

             29th/January 2014 to 28th/April 2014.

    ◘ Part-time Radiology Specialist and Consultant at:
     • Delta radiology center (Ultrasound & MRI Units). Cairo, Egypt. From January 2008 till 31st/August/2014.         Tele-Radiology Reporting From 1st/September/2014 till Present.
     • El Reyada radiology center. Giza, Egypt. From January 2007 till 31st/August/2014 (Ultrasound & CT).
     • Consultant radiologist at El-Galaa Military hospital since August 2010 till February 2011 (CT & MRI Unit).

    ◘ Part-time Specialist Radiologist at:
     • National Institute of Urology & Nephrology – Cairo. From January/2005 till December/2006.
     • Wadi El-Niel Hospital (National Defense Council). Cairo-Egypt. From July/2005 to December 2006.

    ◘ Visitor Radiology Resident – Ain Shams University Hospitals. Cairo-Egypt.

            November/2003 to December/2004.
    ◘ Radiology Resident. Ministry of Health Hospitals, Egypt.

            16th/August/2003 to 10th/January/2005.
    ◘ GP Doctor in Ministry Of Health Units, May 2001 to July 2003.
    ◘ Intern in Ain Shams University Hospital and Al-Sahel Teaching Hospital

             12 months (March 2000-March 2001)

Areas of Expertise:
  Diagnostic Radiology:
    ◘ Conventional Radiography and Fluoroscopic procedures
    ◘ Ultrasound examinations including: Head and neck examinations, general abdominal and pelvis

        examinations, TRUS, Musculoskeletal ultrasound, Obstetric and Gynecological ultrasound.
    ◘ Doppler examinations including: Carotid/vertebral Doppler, Upper limbs and lower limbs arteries and

       veins, scrotal Doppler, Penile Doppler
    ◘ CT studies including:
     • CT Head and Neck, CT carotid and cerebral angiography.
     • CT Chest and pulmonary angiography.
     • Abdominal and pelvic CT including CT angiography of the aorta and splanchnic circulations and CT

       Colonography & Enterography.
     • CT Coronary angiography.
     • CT Peripheral angiography.
    ◘ MRI studies including:
     • MRI of the head and neck including angiography of the carotid/vertebral and intra-cranial circulation.
     • MRI of the heart.
     • MRI of the abdomen and pelvis, including MRCP, MRU, MR Enterography.
     • Fetal MRI.
     • Breast MRI.
    ◘ Basic knowledge with the PET-CT.
    ◘ US and CT Guided procedures (Fluid tapping/drainage, FNAC and biopsy)
    ◘ Mammography


    ◘ The Diagnostic Accuracy of Multislice (64 Channels) Computed Tomography in the Evaluation of 

            Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (CABGs). Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

    ◘ Role of MSCT in assessment of Coronary artery stents.

            Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine September 2009. 

    ◘ Case Report on Hiccup and Lateral Medullary Syndrome

            Article in Neuroscience & Medicine 6(02):58-61 · July 2015.

            DOI: 10.4236/nm.2015.62010. 

    ◘ Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension: An Interesting Cause of Intractable Headache.

             Article in Neuroscience & Medicine 6(03):130-133 ·  September 2015

             DOI: 10.4236/nm.2015.63021 · CC BY 4.0.

    ◘ Could Dystonia Be Initial Presentation of Corpus Callosum Infarction in Young Age Patients?

            A Case Report Study. Article in Neuroscience & Medicine 6, 62-64(02):62-64 ·June 2015.

            DOI: 10.4236/nm.2015.62011.

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